• 2016 Inclusive Access to culture
  • 2017 Cultural Influences
  • 2018 Imigrant Audiences: Ex-/Inclusion
  • 2019 Youthquake for Culture


  • Inclusive Access to Culture

    The first working year raised the issue of the potentiality of “Universal access to culture” through the issue of museums in Europe. Museums are often on the front line when it comes to considering culture and the implementation of cultural policies in the institutions. We found it relevant in this regard to question the possibility of involving more intimately the audiences stemming from diverse backgrounds by inviting them to reflect on their way of apprehending a museum through processes of collective and participatory creation.

    The overall productions of the first year clearly show the active engagement of participants, who were able to develop a new way of looking at museum collections and understanding the contemporary relevance of cultural heritage.

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  • Cultural Influence(s)

    For its second working year, the project has focused on the topic Cultural InfluenceS”. Most of the countries involved in YEAD entertain complex relations with their colonial past, relations that are interesting precisely because of the way in which colonialism as a historical fact has been dealt with and apprehended in art by and for its visitors. “Which cultures make up the national culture? In which way are the cultural influences of the colonies on the metropolis recognized? What do these realities imply for young people who identify with different cultural legacies?” Through those questions and many others, we wished to start out from precise historical episodes underlining an important cultural encounter in order to broaden this questioning, at a later stage, to our current society: multicultural and interconnected.

    Download the conclusion of the second year:


    YEAD Conclusions


  • Immigrant Audiences: Ex-/Inclusion

    In 2018, the partners of YEAD questioned the phenomenon of Immigrant audiences: In-/Ex-clusion”. The substantial immigration of populations from other continents to our countries has been met with extreme attitudes of rejection, lack of understanding and fear. By questioning mechanisms of social and cultural exclusion or the rise of far-right movements, we explored how those social issues are mirrored by considering the cultures of immigration with a diverse young audience, the product of a cultural hybridization.

    The six national groups were made of young people coming from very different backgrounds, some of whom migrated fairly recently. Those workshops were perceived as genuine safe spaces where they could deconstruct stereotypes, racism and the rejection of otherness.

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  • Youthquake for Culture

    2019 is the final year of the YEAD project and we will conclude with a fabulous finish: the YEAD festival - Youthquake for Cultural Democracy! Go to the festival page to read more about it.

    Download the conclusion of the third year: